Approaching the Gate: Poems was released in October 2014 from Holy Cow! Press.  Bookstore and library orders from Consortium are available here.  Pre-orders from Amazon are available here

Selected short publications:


2017       "If Somewhere," Alligator Juniper, volume 21, spring 2017.

2016       "Stones for Crossing a River or Stream" and "For Your Information," Green Hills Literary Lantern, volume 27, 2016.

2015       "It Is Called a Tracery," Seminary Ridge Review, autumn 2015.  Page 127.

2015      "Primitive Tools," great weather for MEDIA anthology:  Before Passing, fall 2015.

2014      “To Change the World,” Prøof Magazine, volume 1, issue 3, summer 2014.  Page 14.

2013      “Through the Ice,” Revolver, fall 2013.  Lucky page 13!

2013      “Approaching the Gate” and “Horses in Winter," TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism, issue 15, Fall 2013.

2013      “The Naturalist,” The Centrifugal Eye, autumn 2013. Page 28.

2013      “In Memory of Tennessee Williams, Who Died in 1983 after Choking on the Plastic Cap of a Pill Bottle,” Poetry City, USA 3.

2013      “Fix My Shoes,” in the anthology The Understanding between Foxes and Light, by great weather for MEDIA.

2013      “Ohio River,” “The Dandelion-Gatherer,” and “The Thing about the Ocean,” The River Muse, March 2013

2012      “Radio Girls,” in the anthology It's Animal but Merciful by great weather for MEDIA.

2012      “The Thoroughbred’s Black Knees,” Poetry City, USA 2.

2010      “This Horse’s Ears.” MNLit “What Light Poetry Project,” (Jan. 12, 2010).

2003       “Roadkill.”  Ache Magazine.  (March 2003).

1996       “Dearly Beloved.”  Evergreen Chronicles 11 (Fall 1996):  58-67 (with Steven Grandell).